100X Hardcore (2014)

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(01) [masters Of Ceremony] Soul Seller
(02) [baco Brothers] Can’t Stop (The Viper & Reactor Remix)
(03) [nightraver] We Are From Rotterdam (Evil Activities Remix)
(04) [tha Playah] Weird Shit
(05) [bodylotion] Make You Dance (Tha Playah Remix)
(06) [evil Activities] Sick Of My Life
(07) [tha Playah] Still A Playah
(08) [neophyte Ft Scott Brown] Blow Your Brains
(09) [hard Creation] Rulers Of The Underground
(10) [scptt Brown Ft Neophyte] Blast Your Ass
(11) [neophyte] Pillz
(12) [bodylotion] Hurt You Bad (Dj Vince & Dj Zany Remix)
(13) [bass-D & King Matthew] Like A Dream
(14) [elite Forces] Stress Your Brain
(15) [buzz Fuzz] S.O.S. Message In A Bottle
(16) [art Of Fighters Ft Mello Bondz] Resurrection
(17) [korsakoff & The Viper] Re-Bottled
(18) [outblast & Korsakoff] Unleash The Beast (Angerfist Remix)
(19) [dj Paul Elstak] Rainbow In The Sky (Re-Style & Bass-D Remix)
(20) [evil Activities & E-Life] World Of Madness (Defqon.1 2012 O.S.T.)
(21) [tears Of Fury] Light In The Darkness
(22) [endymion Ft Ellie] Lest I Forget
(23) [n-Vader] Fother Mucker
(24) [hellsystem Ft Ellie] Monster
(25) [syntax] Medicine
(26) [triax & Ruffneck] The Damned
(27) [xcite] Don’t Hate Me
(28) [predator] Unified Destination (Syndicate Anthem 2009)
(29) [dyewitness] Masterplan (State Of Emergency & Outblast Ft Mc Syco Remix)
(30) [neophyte & Scott Brown With Alee] Only Way Out
(31) [furyan] Perspectives
(32) [negative A] The Rawkuss
(33) [ophidian] The Middle Children (The Viper Remix)
(34) [miosa Ft Mc Rephex] Going Hard
(35) [angerfist Ft Predator] 187
(36) [chosen Few] Tranceparant (Painbringer Remix)
(37) [placid K] Lose It
(38) [disturbance] The Reckoning
(39) [the Masochist Vs Bass-D & King Matthew] Get Retarded (Bass-D 2011 Refix)
(40) [despairfull Tomorrow] December
(41) [tieum & Angerfist] Dirty Man
(42) [catscan & Tomcat] Impending Doom
(43) [dj Mad Dog & Unexist] Disproving God
(44) [dyprax] Fuck Your Pride
(45) [damian] Mindrage
(46) [beyonder] The Wish (Philosopher Remix)
(47) [outblast & Angerfist] Delusion
(48) [legions Of The Lost] Restore Order
(49) [the Sickest Squad & Mc Justice] Rock The Show
(50) [neophyte, Tieum & Rob Gee] Comin’ At You Strong


(01) [evil Activities Vs Chaosphere] State Of Emergency
(02) [the Stunned Guys] Love Really Sucks (Chaosphere Remix)
(03) [bodylotion] How Much Can You Take (Catscan Remix)
(04) [damage Inc.] Turn Around (The Viper Remix)
(05) [neophyte & The Viper] This Is Real Hardcore
(06) [sons Of Aliens] Deeper (Dj Niel Remix)
(07) [evil Activities] Extinction
(08) [the Nightraver] So (The Stunned Guys Remix)
(09) [evil Activities] We’re Gonne Get You
(10) [hard Creation] Let’s Get ‘m All
(11) [scott Brown] Bass Be Louder
(12) [bodylotion] Neighbourhood Crime
(13) [gizmo] Being A Gangsta
(14) [tha Playah] Rotterdam Nightmare
(15) [masters Of Ceremony] So Fucking What
(16) [neophyte, Viper & Playah] Master This
(17) [dj Mad Dog] Thunder Like
(18) [art Of Fighters & Dj Mad Dog] Badass
(19) [nosferatu] The Undead
(20) [ophidian] Angel
(21) [outblast] Pride And Pain
(22) [counterfeit] Vision Of Violence
(23) [tommyknocker] T-2012
(24) [n-Vader] The Enemy
(25) [meccano Twins] Complex Man (Angerfist & Predator Remix)
(26) [miosa Ft Mc Axys] The God Of War
(27) [noxious] Imagine
(28) [kasparov & System Shock Ft Diesel] Dedication
(29) [furyan] Teknology
(30) [dyprax] Depths Of Sin
(31) [prankster] Afraid
(32) [tears Of Fury] Death Comes In Silence
(33) [korsakoff] Pink Noise
(34) [outblast & Angerfist Ft Tha Watcher] The Voice Of Mayhem
(35) [neophyte Vs Evil Activities] One Of These Days
(36) [quitara] Dedication
(37) [dyprax Ft Mc Syco] Culture Of Chaos
(38) [eastside Connection] Strong Individual
(39) [outrage] Come And Get Me
(40) [elite Forces] Can’t Stop Me Now
(41) [xcite] On A Mission
(42) [bald Terror] Drum Machine (Disturbance Remix)
(43) [angerfist] Right Through Your Head
(44) [catscan] Divine Area
(45) [chaos] To Yourself
(46) [the Sickest Squad Ft Neverquiet] Children Of Core
(47) [the Twins Artcore] Demons Inside The Box
(48) [chosen Few & Miss Mokum] Demons & Angels
(49) [legions Of The Lost] Sick Days
(50) [lenny Dee & Mc Da Mouth Of Madness] Thunderdome Go Boom

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